Ember’s Empathic Emporium…

Idealist, Conservationist, Theorist, Realist… these are words to describe my thoughts and actions like my need for order, my dissatisfaction with the lack of regard people have for other drivers, and participation in ways to make our environment a healthier place to live. Interior Design, Environmentalism, Organization, Physics, Pets, Food … my thoughts on subjects spread far and wide. Right brain “Creative” along with left brain “Analytical” thoughts abound. Sometimes conflicting and other times coexisting. It keeps life interesting.

The Organization Posts are designed to educate interested people about the organizational process and improve their overall organizational ability. Much time is spent on keeping up to date about the newest organizational techniques. It is important to ensure that the space you want organized reflects you and makes your life more efficient.

While I would have loved to have attended college and studied Interior Design since I do, at times, become obsessed with rearranging furniture, repainting rooms, and designing and building furniture, I did not, and went to college for Physics. I don’t regret my Physics days. The people I met and the things I learned made it all worthwhile. With all my Physics classes, I made sure that there was at least one art class on my schedule every semester. The art classes kept me sane and then Physics is what helped me get a job out of college.

Environmental consciousness is dear to me. From high school days involved in S.A.V.E (Students Against Violating the Environment) with our creating of classroom recycling centers, planting of trees, and parades promoting awareness, I always knew environmental issues would hold a high priority in my life. In my environmental posts, I cover many ways of being environmentally friendly from small things to large things people can do.

Pets have always been involved in my life from our dog Sandy and many hamsters and fish growing up to the cats that call our house home and the few we have lost along the way. They have helped me become a better person due to their unconditional love (of course since I am the one that feeds them) and funny antics. They always give us stories to tell friends and family.

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