Results. That is one of the biggest motivational points of exercise. In my experience with exercise, results usually take a little while. Well, today on day 14, I saw them in the form of numbers. Here are the details:

Chest: lost 1.5 inches
Waist: lost 1.0 inch
Hips: lost 1.0 inch
Thighs: no change
Biceps: gained 0.5 inch on left, no change on right

Body Fat: lost 2.2%
Weight: gained 0.8 pounds

The numbers may seem small but it is actually a huge difference. It is not a change I can visually see but numbers speak much louder. Looking at the body fat % and weight numbers, I know that I have lost fat and gained muscle – awesome. The body fat number is astounding though in only 2 weeks! I am already a somewhat fit female, so my starting body fat is 24% which is in the normal range. I am only expecting to be into the middle or low end of normal since I am rather short and do not want to be an athlete, just fit.

Tomorrow will start Week 3 with the same routine as Weeks 1 & 2. I have more energy and am less tired and sore, so hopefully in another 2 weeks, more progress will be made, the numbers will show it, and I might even see a difference. It sure would be cool!

I wanted results and P90X gave it to me, woohoo.