I was wondering how it was all going to work with having to eat 600 more calories than I normally do during this fitness program, but I have only gained a pound and I bet it is muscle. I get to check my body fat and measurements tomorrow to see what has changed, if anything, but I am pretty sure something has changed.

I want to get more fit rather than gain bulk. Bulk is unnecessary and I don’t like the look of big muscles on females. I feel it is unnatural. I just want to be stronger in a toned way. And now, I know I can get that out of this program which is wonderful.

P90X has been time consuming though, so I am really happy that my husband and I are both doing this program so we are still getting to spend time together and support each other in this process. That motivation and reinforcement keeps us going. There have been a couple of days that I have not wanted to do the exercising and wanted to do something else like play the Wii (we got Mario Kart for husband’s birthday). So, instead of skipping the exercise, we completed the exercise for the day and then played the Wii for our reward – it was great.