To all of those family, friends, and acquaintences that I have raved about Splenda to – I will rave about it no more.

I thought I was up-to-date on many of the food related issues out there, but apparently I dropped the ball when it came to Splenda. I tried to do my research but there just wasn’t much out there – well, there is now. Over the last year or two, there has been news that Splenda is potentially bad – put in the category with Equal for artificial sweeteners.

With all things, there is controversy; however, when it comes to your health, how far are you willing to go?

Please view the article that started me and my husband on the long IM chat about what we were going to do about the foods in our house that contain Splenda/sucralose.

After reading the article and lots of the comments, we decided to rid our home of Splenda/sucralose. There are only a couple of foods left in our house that contain sucralose and they are dwindling quickly. We threw out the bag of Splenda and any small packets that we had along with the brown sugar Splenda. A few other foods were donated because we may choose to not consume sucralose, but we don’t have the right to deny others if they so choose. We even purged the house of foods with aspartame in it. We want to rid the house of as many artificial foods as possible, so this seemed like the best time to go through everything. The are however a few everyday foods that we are just going to consume and then be done with them. I am not saying that is the best thing and we may change our minds as we are knowing what we are drinking or eating, but there is no more than 2 weeks worth left of any of the sucralose foods, so if we find healthy alternatives before that time is up, then we might just get convert completely and get rid of the remaining foods too. We will see.