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Body + Soul Challenge Day 3

on January 28th, 2009 by

The Challenge Day 3

Detox Your Diet

Today was the day I was supposed to start the eating plan according to Body+Soul, but I started it on Monday, so I guess I just got a head start on that part. I really need to read more than just the day that I am on and actually read ahead. I will try to do that today, if not, I will do it tomorrow.

Get Moving

1/2 hour of exercising. Done. More reason to use my Wii Fit – I love that little board. It makes exercise fun!


The reflection questions for today:
Q: Do you have an exercise routine? If not, what are your main obstacles?
A: I do have an exercise routine now. I may not always follow it, which makes it a little less of a routine, but it is a planned routine none-the-less. With the acquisition of a Wii Fit for Christmas, my main obstacle was hurdled and a routine was created. My routine is 30-45 minutes of exercise before lunch using my Wii Fit. It is fun. Time flies by using the Wii Fit and it gives me positive feedback. What more can I ask for?
Q: How do you feel when you exercise?
A: Good. Like I am getting energy even though I am expending it. The right exercise can energize me while the wrong exercise can drain me. It is all about finding the ones that work.
Q: How much time do you sit each day?
A: This varies tremendously from day to day. It depends on what my work is, what season it is, and where the work is that needs to be done. If it is an organizing job that is outside versus inside, paper versus items, or computer versus house/office make a huge difference in how much I sit – and then if it is a leisure activity it can be anything from scrapbooking to exercise. I do know that I can not be on my feet all day (my feet don’t like it). Q: What, if anything, would you like to change about your approach to exercise?
A: To have a positive approach and want to designate at least 30 minutes each day to exercise.

Other Findings

I don’t exactly know what is going on, but this evening my face started to get little raised bumps all over it. It is probably a reaction to the change in diet. I will see how long it lasts and if it does not go away once I go back to my normal healthy eating practices, I will have to look into it more.

P90X: Week 4

on July 6th, 2008 by

We are finally moving forward again in our P90X adventure. We didn’t take our stats like I thought we would at the end of our undecided Week 2 or 3. It was decided though that we just wanted to move along in the program, so this past week was Week 4 and on Monday we will be starting Week 5 and Phase 2.  We will get to eat a little more carbohydrates and a little less protein which will be nice.

Week 4 was interesting. It consisted of total body workouts and after the 3rd day, we were sore. There is definitely muscle confusion which is part of the design of the P90X program. Week 5 will be new muscle workouts with different muscle groups worked out on different days than Weeks 1-3.  P90X always keeps it interesting and challenging.

Back on P90X

on June 25th, 2008 by

The colds are gone and muscles are repaired, so on with the show.

Last night we started back on the P90X program. Before we started, we took our measurements (the same ones we have tracked from Day 0 and Day 14).  In most cases, Matt and I both were either better than Day 0 and worse than Day 14 or better than Day 0 and Day 14. So, we are thinking that this week is a re-do of the Week 3. We are going to take our measurements again at the end of this week, compare, officially decide if we just completed Week 3 or Week 2 (both Week 2 & 3 have the same workouts), and then proceed from there.

Fitness Equipment

As I expected, it took a bit to get motivated, but once we were doing the workout, it wasn’t bad. I was surprised that I did all of the exercises, maybe not with the full enthusiasm, but I did them and that is what counts. When we first started the program, it took a few days to get into.  Don’t get me wrong, this is an awesome program; however, there is just something inherent with most people that exercise is one of those things that you have to push yourself to do. I know it is good for me, but there are just so many other things I would like to do sometimes. It will be better in a few days though and I will start looking forward to it again.

Our friend Jeremy just did his P90X Fit Test last night and I think he will be starting the program this coming Monday, so it will be nice to know that someone else that we actually know is doing this program too.

P90X: Thoughts on another off week

on May 26th, 2008 by

Matt is showing signs of progress on his healing from the muscle strain. We don’t want to chance it and have him re-injured, so we are taking another week off. This week, I am hoping I can do one of the exercises on one or two days to get back into it. It has been nice to not have to go right into exercising in the evening and putting off dinner, but exercise makes you stronger and healthier, so I will continue to make time for it.

One thing I forgot to mention during the first week of this exercise program. Don’t eat a lot of protein before a workout. If you must eat before a workout, eat carbohydrates and not too much. The body will burn it faster and won’t give you muscle cramps like protein will. We found this out the hard way. One day we were really hungry before working out and had a protein shake and half of a protein bar each. It didn’t seem like a lot of food, but about half an hour into the workout, we were so tired and I had a stomach cramp. We had to wait it out and return to our exercise about half an hour later. We were still tired but made it through. No more protein before working out.

So, a continual recovery of the muscle is what we are hoping for this week. The ability to get back to our exercise routine and see more results but watch our limits so that there is no more getting hurt is our goal.

P90X: Thoughts on Week 3

on May 18th, 2008 by

This week was a little rough. We think my husband strained a muscle during one of the exercises, so by Thursday, Yoga was a no-go. We did the muscle workout on Friday. Saturday we had a yard sale for about 6 hours which left us exhausted, so we skipped the exercise on Saturday and Sunday for recuperation on many levels. Wanting to make sure that Matt heals completely, we decided to take a week off, so we will be back next week with our Week 4 “Recovery” phase of the workout. See you soon P90X.

P90X: Day 14

on May 11th, 2008 by

Results. That is one of the biggest motivational points of exercise. In my experience with exercise, results usually take a little while. Well, today on day 14, I saw them in the form of numbers. Here are the details:

Chest: lost 1.5 inches
Waist: lost 1.0 inch
Hips: lost 1.0 inch
Thighs: no change
Biceps: gained 0.5 inch on left, no change on right

Body Fat: lost 2.2%
Weight: gained 0.8 pounds

The numbers may seem small but it is actually a huge difference. It is not a change I can visually see but numbers speak much louder. Looking at the body fat % and weight numbers, I know that I have lost fat and gained muscle – awesome. The body fat number is astounding though in only 2 weeks! I am already a somewhat fit female, so my starting body fat is 24% which is in the normal range. I am only expecting to be into the middle or low end of normal since I am rather short and do not want to be an athlete, just fit.

Tomorrow will start Week 3 with the same routine as Weeks 1 & 2. I have more energy and am less tired and sore, so hopefully in another 2 weeks, more progress will be made, the numbers will show it, and I might even see a difference. It sure would be cool!

I wanted results and P90X gave it to me, woohoo.

P90X: Thoughts on Week 2

on May 10th, 2008 by

I was wondering how it was all going to work with having to eat 600 more calories than I normally do during this fitness program, but I have only gained a pound and I bet it is muscle. I get to check my body fat and measurements tomorrow to see what has changed, if anything, but I am pretty sure something has changed.

I want to get more fit rather than gain bulk. Bulk is unnecessary and I don’t like the look of big muscles on females. I feel it is unnatural. I just want to be stronger in a toned way. And now, I know I can get that out of this program which is wonderful.

P90X has been time consuming though, so I am really happy that my husband and I are both doing this program so we are still getting to spend time together and support each other in this process. That motivation and reinforcement keeps us going. There have been a couple of days that I have not wanted to do the exercising and wanted to do something else like play the Wii (we got Mario Kart for husband’s birthday). So, instead of skipping the exercise, we completed the exercise for the day and then played the Wii for our reward – it was great.

P90X: Day 7

on May 4th, 2008 by

It was a rough but rewarding week. For the first 3 days, I felt dead the world. I had lots of extra sleep, each day another muscle would be sore, and by the end of the week, all my muscles had a minor general soreness to them. The food has been wonderful. I am eating almost 600 more calories than I normally eat, and haven’t gained a pound due to all of the physical exercise this program consists of which is 1 to 1 1/2 hours every day of the week. I may feel sore, but I feel great. More energy is the best reward.

Some statistical changes. My weight is unchanged, however, my would bet my body fat has decreased… we will see in another week. I have decided not to do measurement comparisons until day 14.

My muscles feel stronger and I see lines of muscles I never saw before. One of my noticeable differences: Veda, our kitty, is currently 17 pounds, I used to carry her with 2 arms up the stairs and would be a little winded by the time I got to the top of the stairs. Well, yesterday, when I was carrying her upstairs, I had her in one arm and was not out of breath at all when I got to the top of the stairs – actually, I felt like I hadn’t carried her at all – it was awesome.

Go P90X!

P90X: Day 3

on April 30th, 2008 by

Okay, so I know I said I would do an update each week (and I am still working on that post to publish on Sunday), however, I just had to tell you about the improvements already. One of the biggest things I have noticed is the improvement of my knees. I have this habit of when I sit down, I bend my knee and tuck my leg under my body and then I sit on my leg. I don’t know why I do it, but there are lots of people out there who do this. Well, I was sitting on my leg tonight while at the computer, and when I went to get up, my knee didn’t hurt at all – and it always hurts. Again, why I did it before, I don’t know, but it was just a habit I couldn’t break. But now with it not hurting, it is awesome. And, of all things, I have noticed that I have stopped sitting on my leg every time I am at the computer. I wonder if the cause of the habit is actually a weakness in the legs or knees though the process of sitting down. Who knows. All I know is that to see improvements in 3 days with P90X is just amazing!

Getting Fit the P90X Way

on April 27th, 2008 by

Today we started what is going to be a grueling but rewarding adventure – the P90X extreme home fitness program. We bought the DVDs that outline an exercise and nutrition plan that are guaranteed to get us fit in 90 days provided we follow the program.

The beginning of this program – what we did today – is a Fit Test. The designers of the program want to make sure you are already fit enough to do the program. We both passed (just barely), but we passed and that is all that matters. Some of the things we had to do were pull ups, push ups, and jumping jacks and quantity mattered since we both had minimums to meet. There were 8 tests in all. In addition to the fit test, we had to record body fat, weight, heart rate, and lots of measurements of arms, legs, and torso at various points before starting the fit test.

Tomorrow, we are going to officially start the program. We probably should wait a few days to allow our bodies to rest from the fit test, but a Monday start is ideal and we really don’t want to wait a whole week to start. Soreness will be inevitable, either now or later it will get us, so we might as well start now.

I will keep you updated each week with progress. I know I should include pictures, we will see. Maybe I will go back and add them later or include certain pictures I find interesting per week. I will update with weight, measurements, body fat, and various things like that. It will just be amazing to see how things change week by week. The program has you check you stats at the end of each month, but I want to see how minor the changes can actually be per week. See you in a week with progress.

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