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Black and Yellow Garden Spider

on September 13th, 2009 by

A few weeks ago we had a cool looking spider make a web in the corner of our deck. I took a picture but never got around to researching before hard rains came and wiped out the web.

Today, as I am in the living room watching my husband play video games while I blog, I noticed out the window what I thought to be the spider – it was back! I grabbed my camera and took a closer look, however, upon close examination, I found it to be the same type of spider but a little different in length of torso and legs.

After some researching this afternoon, I found out that both spiders are female due to their size (the first one was just a little longer than the new one). They are both Black and Yellow Garden Spiders (Argiope aurantia) (Wikipedia has a really nice article too). I’ve never seen spiders like this before even though research tells me they are quite common. He is now our garden variety visitor for a little while.

Female Black and Yellow Garden Spider (top of torso)Female Black and Yellow Garden Spider (bottom of torso)Female Black and Yellow Garden Spider (top of torso)

Park and Flea

on October 8th, 2008 by

A couple weeks ago I heard about a local flea market called Park and Flea in downtown Salisbury, MD where all kinds of vendors and yard-salers alike can sell their items in a group setting. There are large and small spots to set up. We aren’t exactly sure on the details of the large spots other then they are $10 on Saturday and $5 on Sunday. We, however, used one of the small spots they had available. For $5 on Saturday or Sunday, a 3 car width space is available to pull up your vehicle and unload the items you want to sell in any matter you wish – blanket, tables, off a trailer, or right out of the back of your vehicle. It starts at 7am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday and goes until whenever you wish – you can stay a couple of hours or stay until everyone is gone.

For the last couple weekends, it has rained, so I was happy that we finally got a chance to check it out this weekend. We ventured out and were really excited to see so many people selling items. For the first hour, we sold some small items and worked on assembling the futon couch we wanted to sell. Along with some video games that brought in some money, we had the delight of finally selling our futon couch. It was sold for a little less than we would have liked but a man with money and a big truck showed up before we had to take it home, so it was a deal we couldn’t pass up since we REALLY didn’t want to take it back apart, load it up, and take it home.


Since we did well, I know we are going back again to sell the other futon, some bookcases, and more small items. With the space we get to sell at the Park and Flea, we are thinking of loading both vehicles with stuff and trying to sell as much as possible in one trip.

In preparation for the Flea Market, we bought a wonderful folding table by Lifetime from Sam’s Club that is 4′ long and the height varies for lots of uses. It even folds up so that it is 2′ x 2′ and only a couple inches high which is great for storage.

Folding Table

The table worked out great in conjunction with some crates we carried the items in to the flea market. If we do well, maybe we will get another table for more space to sell things or for events later. I am really looking forward to selling more items so that the kitchen can finally be freed up of all of the items we have wanted to sell for the last year. Yea! The stuff is finally moving!

The Neuton

on May 13th, 2008 by

My husband’s, step mother’s mom just bought a new electric lawnmower and absolutely loves it. It is so quiet that she says, “the only thing you hear from it are the blades spinning”. Now that is what a lawnmower should be like – no fumes, no sound, just cut grass so you can walk on your lawn without thinking you are in the woods. It is called the Neuton and currently (May 2008) they are having a 6-month risk free trial for residential customers. I know we are going to consider it, but it is quite a big purchase.

Check it out on the Neuton site if you like.

Compost Pile

on March 27th, 2008 by

I am continuing to be more environmentally friendly and I am always looking for new ways to improve. Back in October 2007, I decided the next step would be to compost bin. My anticipation was that our trash would decrease and not smell bad after a week and we could turn our food into compost that we can use in our yard. It has now been 5 months and our trash has decreased and doesn’t ever smell bad. The compost has been a little slow going but it is understandable since we just went through the winter months when the internal temperature of the bin is lower and doesn’t breakdown as fast. Below is the breakdown of my compost bin experience.

The Plan for building a compost bin:

  • Research Composting
  • Figure out the best area in the yard to set it up
  • Buy a bin or build one
  • Buy small bin for kitchen to collect food to compost
  • Collect food in kitchen bin
  • Take food outside and put in compost bin on a regular basis
  • Compost created in a little while

Filling of compost bin:

  • 1:25 ratio of green to brown
  • Brown = straw, hay, dried grass & leaves
  • Green = food, green plants
  • Layer brown and green
  • 8″ of brown on top
  • See website for more in depth instructions

The Result:

  • 2′ x 8′ plastic lattice from Home Depot
  • Twist ties to connect ends of plastic lattice together
  • scissors to cut end off twist ties
  • small bail of straw


Learned lesson:

  • Never leave food in compost pail in house for long before taking food out to compost – it breaks down and smells disgusting and/or grows mold

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