What has happened to TV? Creative sitcom programming beats reality shows any day.

How “reality” are some of the reality shows anyway? I don’t know anyone who got “stranded” on an island. Or anyone who is given lots of money for answering some questions correctly. Reality is what goes on around us everyday – not that. To me, reality shows are overwhelming the TV “guide” and are only minimally entertaining when there is something to learn. For example, the first season of The Apprentice. There were lots of business ideas and inspirations. The second season was a little bit of a rerun of the first season with a few new things, but as the series went on it degraded to an unappealing reality TV show with lots of drama.

I want to see more creative programming. The creativity of Friends has never resurfaced. The lives of Scrubs’ characters set in the medical world is so artfully designed. The dynamics between characters and the embedded morals are what make me like sitcoms so much more.

I am so happy that the strike is over and we can start seeing our sitcoms back on the air. If at some point in the future, most TV converts to reality shows, I will no longer subscribe to cable/satellite and just buy DVDs since I would rather spend my money on something I enjoy rather than what other people want to watch.

We live reality everyday. Why do we want to watch it when we get home?