B+S Challenge on hold

on February 13th, 2009 by

If you are wondering what happened and why I all of the sudden stopped my posts on only Day 4 of The Challege. I got in a little over my head. I needed to buy some items to continue the process. One lesson learned – read a week ahead so you always have all of the things you need!  Also, my face had bumps all over it and I had to figure out what the cause was – was it the detox or some food I ate… well, when I stopped eating the food I had prepared for the detox, the bumps started to go away. Almost exactly 1 week later after the bumps started and I stopped eating a certain food I made, they went away. Now I am just going to have to whittle it down to which food. I am really hoping it isn’t the quinoa, but I think it is going to be. Only one way to find out, but I just don’t want to do that right now. In another week or so I am going to start the Challenge again. When I do, I will resume where I left off and start posting from there. Until then…

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