Today we prepared our meals for a month at The Dinner Company. We were the only ones there other than one of the owners. It really is nice when there are not a lot of people to compete with for food stations, however, it would be really good for them if they had more business. The two girls that own the place are great – friendly, nice, and smart. I just love talking with the owners when we are there preparing our meals.

I was excited not only to go prepare our meals but to take pictures while we were there for the scrap challenge that I am participating in with Carla and Christie. This is my first time to join in on their scrap challenge. This month’s challenge, created by Christie, is to do a layout about a ritual that you do often. I unfortunately forgot my camera though and now I have to come up with a new idea. I even thought to use my camera phone, but then I got back into preparing meals and forgot all about it. Back to the think tank.