Modifying Recipes

I was just reading one of my friend’s blogs where she did the 20 Random Things About Me exercise. I noticed an item that we had talked about recently – she always follows a recipe when she cooks. This made me think about myself and how different we are on this topic. I, myself, take a recipe and change it – no matter what it is – usually. It may be one small change or lots of changes – it just depends on the recipe. I don’t have a specific reason why I do it, but I was just thinking what some of the reasons might be.

Some logical reasons might be:

  • Substitution of healthier options
  • Disliking of an ingredient
  • Not happy with the cooking method

Less logical reasons might be:

  • Add my personal touch
  • To interject my creativity
  • To be defiant
  • Because I can

I never really thought about why I modify receipes before, so this was a neat exercise. Now I need to think about the 20 Random Things About Me.