Sold Green Futon

I am happy to announce our Ikea green futon finally sold.

I knew it would finally find a good home and it did. This really nice and wonderful lady that sells shoes at the flea market was interested in it a couple months ago. We gave her our phone number and told her that if she was interested and didn’t see us at the flea market, to give us a call. Well, it got too cold to go to the flea market to sell items and I didn’t think we would hear from her until probably spring until we got THE phone call. At about 9am on Christmas Eve, she called and asked us if we still had the futon. We did and arranged for her to come by after work to pick it up. All went according to plan. She came by, picked it up, and I even through in some of our unused pillows for free (we were planning to sell them at the flea market in the spring). That really made our Christmas! She even called us back a couple days later to tell us how much she loved it and wanted to see if were selling any white furniture to go with it. We had to tell her no, but we would keep her in mind should we come up with anything. Yea. The pile of items to sell is getting smaller! :-)

Ikea Daybed
Full size, Washable and removable cover, Foam mattress, Original instructions
Dimensions: 26.75″H (at highest point) x 59.25″W x 42.5″D
SOLD! (Originally $300 at Ikea)

Ikea FutonIkea FutonIkea Futon