The Dinner Company

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The Dinner Company pictured below is where we prepare our dinner meals each month. I was supposed to join my friend in a scrapbooking challenge where we had to chose something we do routinely or do often and then do a scrapbook page about it. Immediately, I chose our monthly Dinner Company visit. I planned to take some pictures the next time we went and forgot, so the following month, I remembered to take the pictures. Then, these past 2 months I have been trying to sit down and do a page or two, but it just keeps dropping off my priority list. I started to feel bad a couple weeks ago since I think this all started in May, so I decided to post the pictures here and in the next month or two, I will do the pages and then post them here too.

Dinner Company

The two females, Jayme and Pam, that own and run The Dinner Company are awesome. They work so hard to get customers, keep the food containers filled when customers are preparing food, and keep everything organized. This summer was a struggle for them to stay open with the slowing of the economy. This fall they are hoping things will pick up speed and more customers will come. They really have a great business going. They have facilities in Salisbury, MD, Ocean City, MD and Westminster, MD.

Dinner Company

They have a great facility too with a nice reception area for arrivals and a waiting area that generally doesn’t have to be used since you don’t really have to ever have to wait. They have a bistro table and chairs, couch and they did have chairs that are now mine.

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