Body + Soul Challenge Day 1

I thought I would get to look at the details of The Challege Day 1 this weekend, but it  just flew by. Not looking like this is getting off to a good start, but it is, really. So, today I read through day 1 and I felt pretty good about myself. Some of the major points I already do – maybe not all of the time but more often than not.

Scaling Back

Good Points: I don’t drink alcohol and the only caffeine I get is in chocolate and decaffeinated green tea every so often so that is a good start. I am a non-coffee drinking girl. Tried it once in 11th grade and thought I was going to hurl and now I can’t even bear the smell of it sometimes.

Not-so-good points: I don’t drink enough water. I really need to work on that. I get so dehydrated sometimes that I think I cause heart flutters and that isn’t good at all. If the water isn’t in front of me I don’t drink it, so my goal will be to fill a glass or two and have it next to me at all times. And as for sugar, while I don’t have too much, I want to decrease it even more in my day-to-day eating. Over the last couple of years, I went from sugar to artificial sweeteners (which are bad for you) to sugar and herbal/healthier sweeteners. Now, I just need to decrease it all together. I just have to finish the brownies that are in the house right now and I will be on my way to decreasing the sugar. Both of my parents are Type 2 diabetic, so I want to try my hardest to not be.

Get Organized

Yea! Organizing! Well, this is not exactly my type of organizing. Organizing the house – yes – but organizing me – that is another story altogether. Through blogging about my process I am hopefully informing friends and family of my plans like it recommends. As for the food supplies, I have all of that. I might need to go to the grocery store for more rice and beans, but it shouldn’t be too bad. And the funny part is about a month ago I learned about putting lemon in water, so I am already ahead in that respect.


20 minutes. No problem. It will take me that long to write my post everyday about The Challenge. I will just have to think a little more about what I write so reflection is built it. Healthiest aspect of my diet: careful dinner meal planning. Least healthy part of my diet: lunch since I sometimes eat it and sometimes don’t depending on how busy I am. Food weaknesses: chocolate, dessert. What I would change about my food choices: If I put as much planning into breakfast and lunch as I do dinner, I could be super healthy.

Detox Tips

This week is all about detox: Skip raw foods, Eat whole grains, Eat beans, Find sweet substitutes, Tune into yourself.  Please read the section on Body + Soul for more info. My biggest interest in this week is to see which foods I miss – which ones I miss at first and then which ones I miss toward the end of the week. I hope that I feel less tired and get more energy as the week goes on.


Now, I have to figure out my challenge goals this week. Hmm… what will they be? I think I may have already come up with one or two writing this post today. I will share my goals at the end of the week.

So the biggest thing I have already realized about blogging about my Body + Soul Challenge adventures is that you, my readers, are going to get to learn a lot about me and in the process; hopefully, I will learn a bit about myself too.