We have figured out a fix for getting my pictures to work when they are on the same line. The problem is not with Flicker but with WordPress’ text editor. Why this didn’t show up when I was using WordPress’ “Add an Image” feature is beyond me. My only thought is that WordPress probably built in a fix for it. So, the problem was that the all the links to the pictures on a line would go to the link of the last picture on the line – the last picture would overwrite all the links of pictures to its left. Luckily, Matt has taught me a few things about the HTML page of the text editor and he showed me how to fix this too. I upload the pictures from Flickr (with each of them on a separate line) and then go into the HTML page of the text editor and remove the spaces between the images.  This way all of the picture links stay intact and are on the same line (to conserve vertical space).  I have modified some of the pictures in this fashion, but I have not converted them all – hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow they will all be fixed.  Flickr is really cool, so I am happy it wasn’t a problem with Flickr.