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Conserving Energy

on May 1st, 2010 by

In an effort to find out where our electricity is being spent, we purchased a Power Monitor by Black & Decker. It displays the electricity use in the home. It looks like a huge headset but for an electric meter. It has a wireless sensor reader that can be placed just about anywhere in the home, so energy consumption can be seen at anytime. We are hoping to learn about where we use electricity and how we can decrease the use and save money. I installed it today, so it will be really interesting to see what we find out.

Flickr Pics Fixed Now

on July 5th, 2008 by

I finally got around to fixing all of my pictures. They all go to their corresponding pictures now. I can get back to uploading all of my before and after pictures of all of the rooms in our house that I have painted and fixed up. Yea!

Flickr Pics Fixed

on June 26th, 2008 by

We have figured out a fix for getting my pictures to work when they are on the same line. The problem is not with Flicker but with WordPress’ text editor. Why this didn’t show up when I was using WordPress’ “Add an Image” feature is beyond me. My only thought is that WordPress probably built in a fix for it. So, the problem was that the all the links to the pictures on a line would go to the link of the last picture on the line – the last picture would overwrite all the links of pictures to its left. Luckily, Matt has taught me a few things about the HTML page of the text editor and he showed me how to fix this too. I upload the pictures from Flickr (with each of them on a separate line) and then go into the HTML page of the text editor and remove the spaces between the images.  This way all of the picture links stay intact and are on the same line (to conserve vertical space).  I have modified some of the pictures in this fashion, but I have not converted them all – hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow they will all be fixed.  Flickr is really cool, so I am happy it wasn’t a problem with Flickr.

Flickr Pics

on June 24th, 2008 by

If you have clicked on any of my pictures on my blog recently, you probably noticed that half the time you don’t get the picture you thought you would.  I switched to Flicker for my images and the editing is a little buggy.  I can’t put more than one picture on a line without the last image dominating all of the picture links.  My husband and I will be looking into how to fix it and hopefully the pictures will be back and working correctly again soon.  Somehow I just love to push certain technology a little out of its comfort zone and these kind of things happen. In the mean time, if you click on a picture and you don’t get the one you were expecting, click on the photostream link to the right of the incorrect photo and then you can view all my pictures.

The Demise of TV

on March 25th, 2008 by

What has happened to TV? Creative sitcom programming beats reality shows any day.

How “reality” are some of the reality shows anyway? I don’t know anyone who got “stranded” on an island. Or anyone who is given lots of money for answering some questions correctly. Reality is what goes on around us everyday – not that. To me, reality shows are overwhelming the TV “guide” and are only minimally entertaining when there is something to learn. For example, the first season of The Apprentice. There were lots of business ideas and inspirations. The second season was a little bit of a rerun of the first season with a few new things, but as the series went on it degraded to an unappealing reality TV show with lots of drama.

I want to see more creative programming. The creativity of Friends has never resurfaced. The lives of Scrubs’ characters set in the medical world is so artfully designed. The dynamics between characters and the embedded morals are what make me like sitcoms so much more.

I am so happy that the strike is over and we can start seeing our sitcoms back on the air. If at some point in the future, most TV converts to reality shows, I will no longer subscribe to cable/satellite and just buy DVDs since I would rather spend my money on something I enjoy rather than what other people want to watch.

We live reality everyday. Why do we want to watch it when we get home?

Blogging begins

on January 5th, 2008 by

I have officially started a blog.

This is officially the first entry of my blog.  There may be posts that predate this one but it is only because I modified the date. Date modification is necessary so past information on the blog becomes time relevant.

It is difficult to figure out what to write in a blog.  Some people write a blog to help others by sharing the knowledge of what they have learned like Tech  talk.  Others share their lives though pictures and stories so that distant and close friends and family can keep up with what is going on with them.

I personally don’t know where to start or what to write about. I feel the need to keep much of my life private, but want my friends and family to know how I am doing and what I am up to.  I want to share what I know with the world so others can learn from my findings and mistakes, but I don’t know when too much information is too much.

I will be learning about the process as I am a part of it and we will see how my blog develops.

Happy Reading!

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