A New Year, A New Me

Well, maybe not a new me, but we all have things we want to change and I have a LIST of things. I love change and since I have drastically decreased my rearranging of the furniture in my house – not that the house is completely organized yet – I thought I should focus on me for a little bit.

While going through my email for the first time in about 2 weeks – and I mean really going through it like actually reading and deleting them not survival mode of scanning for people I know and replying to them before they think something happened to me – I came across the Body and Soul Challenge. I attempted it last year but made it about a week before I forgot all about it.

This year, I really want to make it the 5 weeks and complete their plan for each day. I figure, the way to actually get me to do it is to complete another one of my “changes” at the same time – getting back to blogging at least twice a week. One of the tasks of The Challenge is to write daily, so if I work on a blog post of a couple days and post a couple times a week, I will satisfy that – I might actually post every day, but I am not promising anything. I need to do this is smaller steps. I have learned when I jump in full force that I lose interest, so a gradual warm up should work. Also in looking on the Whole Living website (the one that has The Challenge), the plan starts on a Monday, so this coming Monday, January 26th is when I will start.

Good Luck to Me!