Matt is showing signs of progress on his healing from the muscle strain. We don’t want to chance it and have him re-injured, so we are taking another week off. This week, I am hoping I can do one of the exercises on one or two days to get back into it. It has been nice to not have to go right into exercising in the evening and putting off dinner, but exercise makes you stronger and healthier, so I will continue to make time for it.

One thing I forgot to mention during the first week of this exercise program. Don’t eat a lot of protein before a workout. If you must eat before a workout, eat carbohydrates and not too much. The body will burn it faster and won’t give you muscle cramps like protein will. We found this out the hard way. One day we were really hungry before working out and had a protein shake and half of a protein bar each. It didn’t seem like a lot of food, but about half an hour into the workout, we were so tired and I had a stomach cramp. We had to wait it out and return to our exercise about half an hour later. We were still tired but made it through. No more protein before working out.

So, a continual recovery of the muscle is what we are hoping for this week. The ability to get back to our exercise routine and see more results but watch our limits so that there is no more getting hurt is our goal.